Workgroups and Committees

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
- Henry Ford

MN Community Measurement takes a collaborative approach to measurement and public reporting. In addition to our multi-stakeholder Board of Directors, MNCM is advised by multiple committees and workgroups. These include MNCM’s Reporting Advisory Committee, Data Planning Committee and chartered workgroups for specific measure development. Representation on these committees and workgroups include physicians, measurement data experts, medical groups, health plans, employers and consumers. In addition to MNCM’s ongoing committee structure, a number of advisory and working groups are convened to address specific topics, including new measure development concepts.

Measure development workgroups

Measure Development Process

Do you want to develop a measure? Do you already have a measure that needs to be enhanced or refined? MNCM is highly skilled in measure development, testing and endorsement. Since 2002, we have collected, analyzed and reported health care information on a wide variety of procedures, conditions and types of care sites. We currently publically report on more than 70 cost, quality and patient experience measures, with numerous additional measures in development.

Workgroup Nomination and Recruitment

Interested in participating on a MNCM measure development workgroup? Our online form makes it simple and convenient to nominate yourself or a colleague for consideration. You can quickly upload your resume or CV and submit the conflict of interest disclosure form in a few short steps.

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Active measure development work groups

  • Cancer Care

Cost Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

This workgroup has been formed to develop a “next generation” cost/efficiency/value measure for public reporting. This workgroup is accountable to the entire Minnesota community, including patients, providers, and purchasers. With the public reporting of this measure, the primary impact is aimed at the recognition of variation in cost and utilization in the community and the opportunity to improve and strategically align with local and national initiatives.

Health Equity Advisory Council

This workgroup has been formed to provide advice and recommendations to MNCM President and Board on health equity measurement and reporting for ambulatory health care entities with a goal of reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes.

Risk Adjustment Sub-Committee

The Risk Adjustment Sub-Committee of the MARC was formed to implement risk adjustment with the current measures and to create a framework for selection and study of future variables. This sub-committee continues to explore the feasibility and make recommendations on which additional variables and/or measures should be considered for future use in risk adjustment and segmentation. The group will have 3 meetings per year, similar to the MARC measure review committee.