Our Mission

canoeing on a northern Minnesota lakeThe mission of MN Community Measurement is to accelerate the improvement of health by publicly reporting health care information.

Our vision is that MN Community Measurement will:

  • Be the primary trusted source for health data sharing and measurement
  • Drive change that improves health, patient experience, cost and equity of care for everyone in our community
  • Be a resource used by providers and patients to improve care
  • Partner with others to use our information to catalyze significant improvements in health

As a Minnesota nonprofit, we have earned exceptional trust from our partners in our ability to create, convene, collaborate and communicate across a range of local and national measure development, analytics and public reporting activities. We understand the complexity and the potential of health care performance measurement and we deliver results that are objective, credible and meaningful. Our focus on the triple aim of cost, quality and patient experience inspires us to bring individuals and organizations together to help our community continue to improve health and maximize value.