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Attend the National Employer Summit March 6-7

Make it your New Year’s resolution to attend the National Employer Summit: The Purchaser’s Role in Driving Affordability, March 6-7, 2018 in Seattle Washington.

Did you know that:

• In 2016, the average employer provided family health care policy cost $18,142, an increase of 58% since 2006

• 10-years of U.S. wage growth has been lost to health care cost increases

• Large and small businesses struggle to remain competitive and provide coverage with the current health care cost structure

• 50% of a family’s income will be consumed by health care costs by the year 2021 if we don’t make a change

To address this looming national crisis, the HealthDoers Network, the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, and local host Washington Health Alliance will convene health care leaders and employers to explore the role they can collectively play in bringing down the cost of health care. This summit will feature the perspective of national employer Boeing, and other leaders in this space.

To register or learn more, click this link or visit