"The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through." -- Sydney J. Harris

MN HealthScores: The Next Generation – Coming Soon!

A cornerstone of MNCM’s mission is publicly reporting health care information. Transparency drives improvement in the cost, quality and patient experience of health care by engaging both consumers and providers. We accomplish these goals primarily through our consumer-focused website, MN HealthScores.

We began a journey last fall to redesign MN HealthScores so that it better meets the needs of Minnesota health care consumers. To actively participate in their care and help drive improvement, consumers must understand and be able to use the information that MNCM reports. The new site design is scheduled be released in September.

The newly-designed website will utilize best practices gleaned from more than a decade of academic research on how consumers understand – or, unfortunately, more commonly misunderstand – health care data displays. The new design will focus on meeting several key objectives for consumers:

  • Making the health care data understandable by summarizing, grouping and highlighting the meaning of ratings with icons and colors
  • Making the data actionable by offering plain-language explanations of and context around the numbers
  • Making the site resourceful with tools about how to talk to their doctor, community support options for chronic conditions, and more

Throughout this project, we have involved a variety of stakeholders to provide input, including consumers, providers, employers, payers and others. Additionally, we have conducted extensive testing of the site with consumers to be sure that we’re meeting the objectives outlined above.

Prior to launch, all clinics and medical groups that have submitted data to MNCM in the past year will be given an opportunity to preview their results in the new design. It’s important to note that this preview does not involve new data, so no data validation needs to be conducted. This will be an opportunity for providers to see how their information that is currently publicly reported on MN HealthScores will appear in the new design. Watch for more information about this preview window in early August.

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