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MNCM Data Submissions May Support Meaningful Use Stage 2

The landscape of state and federal health care reporting requirements can be complex and onerous. MNCM wants to support clinics that register with and submit data to us in meeting as many requirements with as much efficiency as possible.

We have determined that submitting data to MNCM for any measures may meet the Reporting Specific Cases menu objective of Stage 2 Meaningful Use for Eligible Providers. That menu objective is: “Report Specific Cases: Capability to identify and report specific cases to a specialized registry (other than a cancer registry), except where prohibited, and in accordance with applicable law and practice.”

Those considering this menu objective should verify that your organization and national provider identifier is registered with MNCM and that one of the following is true:

  • Data submission for applicable measure(s) occurred during 2013 or 2014; or
  • Your organization has intent to submit data within 60 days of the start of the next applicable measure and reporting period; or
  • Your organization submitted data by the deadline and is currently engaged in testing and validation of that electronic submission.

To learn more about how MNCM can support your clinic with Meaningful Use and other federal reporting requirements, read our MNCM Meaningful Use Stage 2 and PQRS Fact Sheet.

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