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New Quality Improvement Tools Available on MNCM Data Portal

We’re excited to announce several new tools that are available through the MNCM Data Portal to medical groups that submit data to MNCM. In our effort to continually provide actionable information to support quality improvement processes, we have three new tools available for medical groups and clinics that provide patient experience and/or race-ethnicity-language (REL) data using best practices.

Medical groups that participated in the patient experience survey now have access to:

  • Comparable Patient Experience report: Sort and filter data by specialty, geography and other characteristics to compare your clinic’s patient experience score to your peers’ scores.
  • Detailed Patient Experience report: Drill down into your clinic’s patient experience score to understand more about what is driving that score and better identify quality improvement opportunities.

Medical groups that submitted REL data using best practices now have access to:

  • Quality Measures with REL Ratings report: View ratings on Optimal Diabetes Care, Optimal Vascular Care, Colorectal Cancer Screening and Optimal Asthma Care segmented by race, Hispanic ethnicity, country of origin and preferred language. These elements will be available as statewide charts, medical group charts and blinded rate distribution charts to assist you in identifying disparities and implementing initiatives that reduce barriers to care.

These QI tools are now available to qualifying medical groups and clinics by logging into the MNCM Data Portal. Additional details about how to access the tools will be sent next week.

MNCM highly values the impact that our data contributors (medical groups and clinics) have on our mission. We will continue to unveil new QI tools in the future to support your quality improvement efforts.