Reports and Data

MNCM produces numerous reports that are available to the public, free of charge. Our emphasis is on providing comparative data and analysis, and in sharing recommendations to improve performance and care delivery. Some reports – such as the Health Care Quality Report, the Health Care Disparities Report, and the Health Equity of Care Report – are produced annually. Others have been produced as a result of specific partnerships or projects, including the AF4Q Consumer Engagement Workgroup Report, the Advancing Primary Care: Minnesota Practice Assessment Results Report and 2008 Health Information Technology Report.

Total Cost of Care

Total Cost of Care, Price & Utilization Reports

The MNCM Cost & Utilization Report features analysis and comparative data on medical group performance that breaks out the total cost into price and utilization. MN Community Measurement’s inaugural Total Cost of Care Report featured analysis and comparative data on medical group performance in total cost of care, which includes all costs associated with treating commercially-insured patients, including professional, facility inpatient and outpatient, pharmacy, lab, radiology, behavioral health and ancillary costs.

Health Care Disparities

Health Care Disparities Report

MN Community Measurement’s annual Health Care Disparities Report presents statewide and medical group rates of performance on ten quality measures for patients in Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP). It also includes differences in rates of care provided by medical groups between patients insured through MHCP and those insured through other forms of health care insurance, such as commercial or Medicare-managed care.

Health Equity of Care

Health Equity of Care Report

This report features information on health care outcomes in several areas including: Optimal Diabetes Care; Optimal Vascular Care; Optimal Asthma Care for Adults; Optimal Asthma Care for Children; Colorectal Cancer Screening; and more. Results for these measures are stratified by race, Hispanic ethnicity, preferred language and country of origin (REL) and reported at statewide and regional levels.

Health Care Quality

Health Care Quality Report

MN Community Measurement’s annual Health Care Quality Report features comparative data on medical group and clinic level performance on key measures, plus statewide results. It details measurement specifications, data sources and data collection methods.

Depression Care in Minnesota

Depression Care in Minnesota

MN Community Measurement’s first-ever Depression Care in Minnesota report features statewide adult and adolescent mental health data. Comparative data on medical group and clinic level performance is available in the appendix or on Measurement specifications, data sources, and data collection methods are also detailed in the appendix.

AF4Q Report to the Minnesota Community

AF4Q Report to the Minnesota Community

Through Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q), MNCM has served as a national model for quality measurement. Over the last eight years, AF4Q communities have built transformative partnerships, often where none existed before.

AF4Q Consumer Engagement Workgroup

AF4Q Consumer Engagement Workgroup Report

This report chronicles the efforts and learnings of the Minnesota AF4Q Consumer Engagement Workgroup and offers an action agenda for other communities wishing to replicate their efforts.

Advancing Primary Care: MN Practice Assessment Results

Advancing Primary Care: Minnesota Practice Assessment Results Report

Understanding how high-value practices currently perform on elements related to advanced primary care models can enable communities to better target ambulatory quality improvement efforts and improve care delivery.

Annual Reports

MNCM Annual Reports

Our annual reports offer a snapshot of the impact MNCM has on health care in our community and provides an overview of recent accomplishments, activities and plans. As the landscape of American health care continues to shift, our work is fundamental to understanding how those changes improve health care in our state and across the country.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

In addition to reports, our tools and resources are central to how MNCM helps providers and other health care professionals deliver high quality care to their patients. Visit the Provider Tools and Resources section to view tools and resources selected to encourage safe, efficient, and effective patient care, and to provide a general overview of comparative data and performance reporting.

Available Data

To support transparency efforts, MNCM posts specific files to be available for public use.


Links to additional data on measures also shares information about the quality of care available from Minnesota hospitals. You can use the reports in the hospitals section to find hospitals and compare the quality of their care. shows a selected set of available data on hospital measures. For  expanded lists of measure results, we encourage you to visit Hospital Compare and the Minnesota Hospital Association.

Data requests

In addition to numerous public reports, MNCM has data files, reports and analytics available on a fee for service basis. MNCM’s robust infrastructure for collecting and analyzing health care data includes quality, cost and patient experience information. See a current list of published measures by clicking here.

Contact and for details.

Data review

Password-protected files available for review and comment as part of the report development and publication process.

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