Our Mission

canoeing on a northern Minnesota lakeMN Community Measurement’s mission is to empower health care decision makers with meaningful data to drive improvement.

MN Community Measurement (MNCM) is a nonprofit, multi-stakeholder collaborative organization that empowers the community with data and information to drive improvement in health care cost and quality. Physicians, hospitals and health systems, health plans, employers, consumers, and state government combine to make up multi-stakeholder collaborative.

MN Community Measurement has made a commitment to:

  • Be the primary trusted source for health data sharing and measurement
  • Collaborate with our community to prioritize measures that matter most
  • Drive change that improves health, patient experience, cost, and equity of care for everyone
  • Be a transparent resource for providers and patients to improve care
  • Partner with others to use our information to catalyze significant improvements in health
  • Innovate to provide meaningful data to health care decision-makers
  • Provide national leadership in the development of measurement best practices

MN Community Measurement is unique among its peers in a few important ways:

  • MNCM collects and reports out a wealth of valuable data that includes comparative information about health outcomes, cost, and price transparency – which are among the most robust efforts of its kind in the nation.
  • MNCM works to identify and track changes over time in how health outcomes vary for different groups of people, allowing us to understand and drive efforts to improve health equity.
  • MNCM influences the field of measurement – locally and nationally – by developing more meaningful measures of outcomes.