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2014 MNCM Annual Seminar the largest to date!

Making Measurement Matter seminar highlighted the many ways health care data can be used to improve health and health care

The MNCM 2014 Annual Seminar, Making Measurement Matter, opened to a record crowd on Tuesday, September 16, with more than 340 registrants and attendees marking our largest crowd ever! The one-day seminar was held at the Earle Brown Center in Minneapolis.

Tony Buettner, vice president with Blue Zones, got the audience active early on by asking “How many of you want to know long you’re going to live?” He went on to tell the story of how the Blue Zones were discovered and what characteristics are shared by the communities that have the longest longevity.

“In the United States, we’re leaving 12 good years on the table,” he explained, and then described the process that Blue Zones uses to help communities make permanent changes that are tied to longer lives.

After MNCM’s President Jim Chase described Minnesota as a ‘blue zone’ of health care systems, Dr. Elizabeth McGlynn from Kaiser Permanente focused on what’s required to provide high-quality and low-cost care to patients.

“Everybody is part of the team focused on closing those care gaps,” she described, from the front-line staff and appointment schedulers through the nurse and doctor. Dr. McGlynn also focused on the impact of organizational culture on Kaiser’s ability to provide care, saying a culture of “we can always do better” makes it safe to explore improvement. And measurement is critical to that success – if you don’t measure it, you don’t know how to improve it.

The rest of the day featured panel discussions on innovative uses for data and engaging clinicians and consumers with health care information. Additionally, speakers from the Minneapolis Police Department remarks about using crime data to target the “dosage” and type of police activity was an interesting parallel with attendees who do the same with health care data. And afternoon breakout sessions allowed seminar participants to take a deeper dive on one of three topics – new Pediatric Preventive Care measures being collected for the first time in 2015; the tools and services available from MNCM; and the Total Cost of Care measure planned for public release later this year.

The day ended with remarks from two University of Minnesota School of Public Health researchers who used MN Community Measurement diabetes data to evaluate the impact of public reporting on quality improvements, along with any difference in quality between health systems and standalone clinics.

Comments about the seminar by attendees included:

  • “Great mix of speakers! Keep up the information on cost and the full triple aim!”
  • “Tony Buettner’s presentation was very engaging!”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. The information was relevant and very well presented.”
  • “Good to hear patient voices at these conferences!”
  • “The best MNCM event to date!”
  • “A very informative day… time well spent, pleasant atmosphere/learning environment.”
  • “I found it to be a valuable gathering that was rich with experts and information.”

To see photos from the day, please visit the album on our Facebook page!

To download presentations from the seminar, please visit our seminar website.

And save the date! Next year’s MNCM Annual Seminar will be held on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at the Earle Brown Center in Minneapolis.