"The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through." -- Sydney J. Harris

2014 MNCM Medical Group Survey Results

Each year since 2008, MN Community Measurement has conducted a survey of the medical groups in our community that participate in MNCM measurement and reporting. The goal is to gather feedback on the products, services and processes that we offer in order to continually improve.

The 2014 survey was sent to 431 medical groups in May. 132, or 31%, responded, which was a slight decrease from 2013 participation.

Groups are asked for input on mission fulfillment, measure alignment, various MNCM services, customer service, websites, data, quality improvement tools, registration and data submission processes and support materials.

Highlights of the 2014 results include:

  • 53% of medical groups said MNCM was doing “good” or “excellent” at meeting its mission to accelerate the improvement of health by publicly reporting health care information. This has steadily increased from 31% when the survey was first fielded in 2008.
  • 63% of medical groups said it was “very important” that MNCM measures be aligned with other local and national measures, and 60% said MNCM measures were currently “aligned” or “well aligned.”
  • 99% of medical groups indicated they use MNCM’s measures for their own internal quality improvement initiatives. The more common uses were internal goal setting (71%), benchmarking (66%) and provider education (63%).
  • 65% of respondents gave MNCM a “good” or “excellent” rating for responding to emails sent to
  • Medical groups were asked how often they utilize MNCM’s two websites. 82% regularly visit our corporate website,, and 69% regularly visit our consumer-focused, public reporting website, These are both increases over 2013. The top reasons for those visits are to download content, reports or data (66%), compare their clinic/medical group to others (58%) and see how their clinic/medical group is performing (55%).
  • Responses indicate a trend of more frequent utilization of MNCM data by medical groups. Since 2010, more groups are using the data monthly or every few months as opposed to yearly, every few years or never. In 2010, 23% used the data monthly/every few months compared to 47% in 2014.
  • 62% of medical groups said the final rate files of all medical groups, provided on the MNCM Data Portal, were “useful” or “very useful.” This was the highest-rated quality improvement tool. Overall, data analysts and quality improvement leaders at medical groups gave the QI tools the highest marks.
  • In one of the largest increases this year, 60% of groups said the annual registration process on the MNCM Data Portal was “very easy” or “easy” – a 10 percentage point increase over 2013. This is an area MNCM has focused process improvements in recent years.
  • Similarly, 56% of groups rated the Direct Data Submission (DDS) process as “very easy” or “easy” to compete. That is a 9 percentage point increase over 2013. The Data Collection Guides, which support groups in completing the DDS process, maintained high ratings as well. All 10 guides evaluated received ratings above 70%, and four were rated 90% or higher.

MNCM also collects all open-ended suggestions submitted on the survey. Quantitative results along with those suggestions help us craft recommendations on where to focus medical group communication and process/service enhancements in the coming year.

Specific recommendations that resulted from this survey included webinars for clinic staff on particular topics; continued improvements to the data submission guides; and continued efforts to align our measures nationally and locally.

Many thanks to the medical groups who provided this constructive feedback!