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After two year hiatus, maternity Cesarean sections data released again on MNHealthScores

While Cesarean (C-section) deliveries can be life-saving and medically-necessary for mothers and/or newborns, the rapid increase in their use over the past several decades has raised concerns that C-section deliveries are being performed unnecessarily without clear health benefits.

The statewide average rate in Minnesota by all reporting medical groups is 22%. This measure includes both medically-necessary and elective C-section deliveries for first time mothers. It does not include multiple babies, preterm delivers (earlier than 37 weeks) or pregnancies where the baby was in a breech position.

This maternity care measure tracks trends over time may help patients understand whether they might be more likely to undergo a C-section at one clinic rather than another. It also helps to show the proportion of first-time mothers in Minnesota undergoing C-sections.

“Tracking this data in Minnesota for first births helps providers and patients understand trends and provides an opportunity to ask important questions about care, “ said Jim Chase, MNCM president.

Lower rates are better, as they indicate fewer C-section deliveries, and can be a sign of strong medical group performance in maternity care.  Five medical groups stand out for their performance:

  • Hudson Physicians (Minnesota Healthcare Network) in Hudson, WI
  • Winona Health in Winona, MN
  • Alexandria Clinic in Alexandria, MN
  • Lakewood Health System in Staples, MN
  • Essentia Health – West in Fargo, ND

View your medical group’s performance in maternity care.