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Annual Clinic and Provider Registration Opens November 1

The MN Community Measurement (MNCM) Data Portal will open November 1 for annual clinic and provider registration. Every year, all eligible Minnesota clinics and providers are required to register and update their information.

How to Register

To get started, draft instructions are available for download from the MNCM Data Portal Resources tab. If you have not registered with MNCM previously, please request a portal account. Registration is a prerequisite to submitting data for the clinical quality measures in 2019. Although the portal will be open for registration through February 8, 2019, we encourage you to register early.

There are no expected changes to the registration requirements this year. Please stay tuned for communication from MNCM when the portal is officially open. Final instructions and a recorded webinar will be available at that time as well.

MNCM’s New Helpdesk System

MNCM will be implementing a new helpdesk system for data submitters. The new system is being developed and will be launched in November. Data submitters will be able to submit and track questions as well as find answers to common technical questions about MNCM measures – all in one place.

Questions? Please contact MNCM at 612-746-4522 or