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10th Anniversary Message from Senator Al Franken to MNCM

MN Community Measurement was delighted to share this message from Minnesota’s Senator Al Franken at our 2015 Annual Seminar and 10th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, September 24th. Senator Franken underscores the importance of our community’s work to collect, analyze and report data on the quality, cost and experience of care in our state.

“You’ve been on the forefront of collecting and analyzing data in order to strengthen public policy and health outcomes for Minnesotans,” said Senator Franken. “It’s this kind of forward thinking that has made Minnesota a national leader.”


RWJF Field Notes: Putting Data to Work

Putting Data to Work

When Americans go to the doctor, it’s essentially a coin toss as to whether they’ll receive the care medical experts recommend for their conditions. Measuring the quality of care is a critical starting point to close these gaps. After all, we cannot improve what we do not measure. Publicly reporting about the performance of physician practices allows patients to make informed choices about their care, helps health care professionals see where they can improve, and allows purchasers to know the value of the care they are buying.

This issue brief examines lessons from RWJF Aligning Forces for Quality alliances that have made information about the quality of care local physicians provide publicly available to everyone who gets, gives, or pays for care.

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Measuring Performance Data Can Improve Quality

MN Community Measurement, an Aligning Forces for Quality alliance, measures and publicly reports provider performance data. State practices and hospitals, including Entira Family Clinics, are using these data to inform efforts to improve care and patient outcomes for conditions including depression and diabetes.






Connecting the Dots: From Meteorology to Health Care’s Triple Aim

Jim Chase, President of MN Community Measurement, speaks to attendees of the 2013 MNCM Measurement in Motion seminar about the changing context of using health care measurement information, and how it has improved over time. Responding to the opening keynote from meterologist, Paul Douglas, Jim Chase highlights successes and opportunities in MN and asks, “Where should we go with our measurement efforts to continue to meet future challenges?”


Ellsworth Medical Clinic Video: Achieving Higher Quality through Quality Improvement

With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, MNCM produced a five-minute video highlighting the low-tech but very effective quality improvements made by the rural Ellsworth Medical Clinic in Ellsworth, Wisconsin to improve their quality of care for patients with diabetes, vascular disease or depression. The Ellsworth Medical Clinic was MNCM’s top-performing clinic in providing optimal vascular care in 2010.