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Clinic and Provider Registration and Direct Data Submission

MNCM’s Data Portal is open for annual clinic and provider registration. All eligible Minnesota clinics and providers are required to register and update their information. Registration instructions and a recorded webinar are available for download from the MNCM Data Portal Resources tab or Registration is a prerequisite to submitting data for the clinical quality measures in 2019.

Clinical quality measures are submitted during two cycles:

  • Cycle A measures are submitted in Jan/Feb 2019 and include the asthma, colorectal cancer screening, depression, diabetes, and vascular measures.
  • Cycle B measures are submitted in April/May 2019 and include the adolescent mental health and/or depression screening, total knee replacement, spine surgery lumbar discectomy/laminotomy, and spine surgery lumbar fusion measures.
  • A detailed schedule is available for download from the MNCM Data Portal Resources tab for registered users.

Questions? Please check out the MNCM Knowledge Base and Help Desk. You can also contact MNCM at or 612-746-4522.