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Direct Data Submission Update – June 2019

Cycle A measures (Colorectal Cancer Screening, Depression Care, Optimal Asthma Control – Adult and Children, Optimal Diabetes Care, Optimal Vascular Care) have been approved, and following a preview by medical groups, final statewide results will be published to MN Community Measurement’s health scorecard,, later this month.

Data submission for Cycle B measures (Adolescent Mental Health and/or Depression Screening, Spine Surgery Lumbar Discectomy/Laminotomy and Lumbar Fusion, and Total Knee Replacement) concluded and data validation continues. Participating medical groups have the ability to see their individual preliminary results in the MNCM Data Portal and will have an opportunity to review the preliminary statewide results in late June. A notification email will be sent at that time.

If you have questions, email or call 612.746.4522.