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Doctor Project’s Ten Communities Announced

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has selected 10 community-based health care alliances to participate in the Doctor Project. This $1.3 million project was launched earlier this year with a goal of developing consumer-friendly reports that measure how clinics and medical groups in 10 communities across the country perform in delivering high-quality health care. The project, which is being managed by MN Community Measurement, is focusing on performance in diabetes, heart disease and cancer screenings.

Organizations selected to participate in the Doctor project are:

  • Common Table Health Alliance (Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Greater Detroit Area Health Council (Michigan)
  • The Health Collaborative (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Health Collaborative of Greater Columbus (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Integrated Healthcare Association (California)
  • Maine Health Management Coalition (Maine)
  • Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (Massachusetts)
  • Washington Health Alliance (Washington State)
  • Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (Wisconsin)

Throughout the rest of 2014, we will continue to educate the groups about our data collection processes and the Doctor Project Data Portal. We expect to begin data collection from these communities in early 2015, with their results expected to be published with Consumer Reports in late 2015.