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International Health Care Quality Report Features MNHealthScores

MN Community Measurement’s consumer website,, is featured in a new report by The Health Foundation evaluating the quality of care in England and how the information is made publicly available. It also identifies and highlights best practices in quality data collection and public reporting internationally.

MNHealthScores is the only international website highlighted in detail in the report (pages 32-33). “As part of the review process, we looked at a range of publicly available websites internationally,” the report explains. “We were particularly impressed by the presentation of performance data in Minnesota.”

The Health Foundation is an independent organization working to improve the quality of health care in the United Kingdom. The report was commissioned by England’s Secretary of State for Health, which is equivalent to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the United States.

This marks the second time in 2015 that our community’s work in health care transparency and measurement has been featured internationally. In April, MNCM President Jim Chase was invited to speak to a conference in the Netherlands hosted by Stichting Benchmark GGZ about Minnesota’s measurement of the effectiveness of depression care.

“For more than a decade, we have moved the needle on health care quality in Minnesota through measurement and public reporting, as well as served as a model for other states looking to do the same,” Chase said. “It’s exciting to now see the work of our community reaching beyond our nation and positively impacting health in other countries.”

Read the full report here.