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Jim Chase, President of MN Community Measurement to step down in 2017

Will continue to serve until successor is named

MN Community Measurement (MNCM) announced that Jim Chase, who has led the organization since it was launched in 2004, plans to step down in 2017. Chase has developed MNCM from a pioneering startup to a nationally recognized model for public reporting on health care quality and cost. He will continue to lead the organization until the Board of Directors appoints a new president.

“After more than a decade of service, Jim has advised the board that it is the right time for him to pass the reins to a new leader,” said Tim Hernandez, MNCM board chair. “We are grateful for his vision in improving the quality of care in our state and we are confident that his successor will have a strong foundation on which to build.”

MNCM started as a pilot project in 2003. That year, it became the first in the nation to use electronic medical records to begin collecting and publicly reporting on health care quality from clinics across the state. In 2004, it released its first quality report. It provided information about care in areas such as asthma, diabetes, breast and cervical cancer and well child visits.

“MNCM has a solid foundation to continue to lead towards better value in health care especially as Medicare and other organizations move towards greater transparency around quality and cost,” said Chase.

MNCM has developed more than 70 measures, collects information about quality and patient experience and reports results from more than 1,500 clinics, 500 medical groups and 135 hospitals on MNCM’s public reporting website

Under Chase’s leadership, other accomplishments for MNCM include:

  • National endorsement. The National Quality Forum (NQF), considered the gold standard for health care measurement in the United States, endorsed nine MNCM measures for conditions including knee replacement, spine surgery and care for diabetes, depression, asthma and heart and arteries.
  • Adopted by Medicare. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services has adopted MNCM measures for diabetes and depression to be used nationwide.
  • Cost of Care. MNCM launched the nation’s first statewide public reporting of a total cost of care measure by medical group. The measure is endorsed by the NQF and is now being used by organizations in 35 states.
  • Health disparities. The MNCM Health Care Disparities Report measures care for patients with commercial insurance compared to patients enrolled in government programs.
  • Health equity. The MNCM Health Equity of Care Report has information about the care for patients based on race, ethnicity, preferred language and country of origin.
  • Physician ratings. Consumer Reports magazine published MNCM physician group ratings in 2013 and 2016.
  • Transparency. The Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute gave MNCM an A rating for transparency.
  • Screening for teens. MNCM was among the first in the nation to report clinic data on screening for obesity and depression in teens.
  • Patient experience. MNCM launched and publicly reported the largest survey of patient experience by clinic.

The board is conducting a national search for Chase’s successor and has convened a search committee. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Interested candidates should send a letter of introduction and a resume to the selection committee via email to or by mail to Jamie Stevenson, Human Resources Department, P.O. Box 52, Minneapolis, MN. 55440-0052.