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MARC Recommends Continuation of Segmentation and Stratification Using Race Ethnicity Language and Country of Origin Information for Certain MNCM Measures

The Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) of MN Community Measurement, at their September 14, 2016 meeting, approved a multidimensional approach to the application of Race, Ethnicity, Language and Country of Origin (RELO) to report quality measures. The MARC discussion was based on previous research brought forward by the Risk Adjustment and Segmentation Committee.

The changes recommended by MARC are as follows:

1. Continue to use RELO to segment results and stratification via the annual MNCM Health Equity of Care Report.

2. RELO for risk adjustment of quality measures is not recommended at this time.

3. Continue to investigate the best science to understand the impact of socioeconomic factors on measure results with a specific attention to the role of local geography as resources and funding allows.