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MARC seeks new members

MNCM’s Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) has openings for five new members to represent: 1) health plans; 2) consumers; 3) large, metro medical groups; 4) small, non-metro medical groups; and 5) medium, non-metro medical groups. The new members will replace current members who have terms that end December 2013.

These openings will be best filled by people who either: are physicians, have a nursing background, or are some other member of a care team who also has measurement and quality improvement experience. Contributing to racial or ethnic diversity of the MARC is always beneficial, as well.

The MARC is a committee of the board with a broad membership of community stakeholders. The committee recommends both measurement priorities and specifications to the MNCM Board of Directors and also recommends guiding principles and/or policies for MNCM’s public reporting of measures. The MARC is supported by measure development work groups established by MNCM staff at the direction of the MARC. The work groups recommend draft measurement specifications and data collection plans. MARC members may be asked to serve on a work group.

The MARC meets monthly (except in January and July, when there is no meeting).  Members are required to attend/actively participate in at least 75 percent of meetings. Members serve a two-year term and have a three-year term limit. While it is possible for members currently serving in an open position to nominate him- or herself again, MNCM is also mindful of recruiting new members so other community stakeholders have an opportunity to participate.

Interested candidates may be nominated in the following ways:

  • An email notification will be sent in August to medical group contacts listed in the MNCM Data Portal to request nominations and provide details about timelines for submitting nominations.
  • MNCM will seek nominations for health plan and consumer representatives through other channels.
  • Candidates who meet preferred criteria may contact for nomination details.

After nominations close, MNCM will convene a committee to review nominations and appoint new members. The nomination committee with consist of the current MARC co-chairs and MNCM staff. After selections are made, all nominees and those selected as new members will be notified.

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