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Medicare and Medicaid Payments for Common Procedures Added to MNHealthScores

MN Community Measurement recently augmented our Average Cost per Procedure information on to include the amount paid to providers by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) when patients insured by Medicare or Medicaid have the same procedures, services or common doctor’s visits.

The average cost paid by commercially-insured patients have been available on since 2009. The data was most recently updated in September 2015. Average costs are available for more than 80 procedures at 200 medical groups in Minnesota and neighboring communities.

The addition of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates to increases the transparency that the public and providers have to the costs and payments in our health care system.

To view the average cost paid by patients insured by commercial health plans, Medicare and Medicaid, search for your medical group on the Managing Cost page on Each medical group’s profile page has a tab for Procedure Costs. If you select the Detailed View, you can select Average Commercial Cost, Medicare Cost or Medicaid Cost from the drop down to compare to your specific medical group’s average cost for the procedure. The example below illustrates where the information can be found on each medical group’s profile page.