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Meet MNCM’s Newest Board Member

Dr. Steven InmanDr. Steven V. Inman was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Minnesota in June of 1978, followed by a Doctor of Medicine degree from The University of Minnesota Medical School in June of 1982. After a six-month medical student exchange program with the British National Health Service in Glasgow, Scotland, he went on to pediatric residency training at the University of Colorado Health Science Center in Denver, which he completed in June of 1985.

Immediately after finishing residency, Dr. Inman became a partner at Pediatric Services, PA in Minneapolis, where he has practiced general pediatrics for the past 35 years.

Dr. Inman has also been active in both hospital and network governance, having completed a five-year term as Chief of Staff Elect/Chief of Staff at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics in 2001 and served on the board of directors for Children’s Physician Network. He is currently Chairman of the Board of the Children’s Health Network.