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Minnesota health care quality increases

By Annie Harman Friday, February 20, 2015

Thousands more Minnesotans received the health care they needed in 2014, thanks to improvements made by clinics across Minnesota.

This progress is charted in MN Community Measurement’s (MNCM) 2014 Health Care Quality Report, now in its 11th consecutive year of publication. The report includes clinic and medical group performance for 27 conditions.

More than 310 medical groups and 1,600 clinics are registered to submit data to MNCM, including both Alexandria Clinic and Sanford Health Broadway Clinic in Alexandria. Both clinics reported average numbers for overall patient experiences compared to state numbers. The information is based on clinic care quality and patient experience ratings.


Highlighted in the report, a growing number of Minnesota children and adults are getting their asthma under control.

“Since asthma is not curable, managing and controlling it is essential to leading a normal, healthy life,” said Jim Chase, president of MNCM. “If asthma is not well controlled it can be serious and even life threatening.”

The percentage of Minnesota adults and children achieving high-quality asthma care increased 7 percent between 2013 and 2014. In addition, both measures have had the largest increases of any clinical quality measures tracked by MNCM since 2011; 32 percentage points for children and 31 percentage points for adults.

“The gains in asthma care are a reflection of more and more medical groups in Minnesota implementing the patient tools and processes that are recommended for use with asthma patients in their practices,” Chase said.

The Alexandria Clinic, however, reported below average numbers compared to the rest of the state for both adults and minors with asthma, according to the Minnesota Health Scores website powered by MNCM. Sanford Health Broadway Clinic did not have reportable information in this category.

The annual report is a compilation of all measures publicly reported by MNCM during the year. Individual medical group results are available year-round at


  • Thousands of Minnesotans have healthier lives when comparing 2014 to the previous year.
  • 11,000 more adults were screened for colorectal cancer, resulting in 2,700 life years saved.
  • 9,500 more women received mammograms to screen for breast cancer.
  • 7,200 people with asthma had their asthma well-controlled.
  • 2,300 more people with diabetes achieved optimal management of their condition, reducing their risk of complications.
  • 980 more people with vascular disease reached optimal management, reducing the chances of more serious complications in the future.
  • 208 more adolescents received all recommended immunizations prior to their 13th birthday.

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