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MN Community Measurement Publishes 2017 Measures

MN Community Measurement (MNCM) has published the Slate of Measures for Public Reporting in 2017. The complete list can be found on the MNCM website ( and this link.

The annually updated listing of ambulatory and hospital measures was approved by the MNCM Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) and the MNCM Board of Directors in December 2016.

One measure was retired, Appropriate Testing for Children with Pharyngitis.

Five measures will be evaluated in 2017 for potential retirement. The five measures to be considered for retirement are Appropriate Treatment for Children with URI (HEDIS measure), Follow-up Care for Children Prescribed ADHD Medication (HEDIS measure), Use of Spirometry Testing in Assessment and Diagnosis of COPD (HEDIS measure), Maternity Care C-Section Rate (DDS measure) and Pediatric Preventative Care Overweight Counseling (DDS measure).