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MN Community Measurement’s 2019 Report on Cost and Utilization Released

MNCM healthcare cost and utilization report

On November 7, MN Community Measurement released its 2019 Health Care Cost and Utilization report. The report highlights health care cost trends and drivers of cost growth throughout the state of Minnesota and includes data that consumers, employers, and others can use to compare costs of different providers.

Highlights include:

  • In 2018, the total cost of care for commercially insured patients in Minnesota increased by 5.9 percent to $596 per patient per month.
  • There continues to be a large difference in the total cost of care across medical groups.
  • For the first time this year, MNCM was able to analyze variation in total cost of care by region of the state.

See the full report and appendices.

In addition to the report, medical group level data on total cost of care and prices for individual services are published on MNCM’s consumer website,