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MNCM Seeks to Become a CMS Registry to Assist in MIPS Quality Payment Programs

MNCM has made progress in preparing for providing significant value to the community under MACRA. For years, MNCM’s role has been as the central point for quality measurement and data collection and reporting from clinicians to the State and Health Plans for various programs and reporting requirements. Work is now underway to include reporting to CMS for MIPS.

CMS Registry Application

MNCM submitted an application to become a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). Currently and in the past, submitting to MNCM has allowed clinicians to attest they are meeting some of their CMS meaningful use requirements. With some modifications to our system, making this transition as a MIPS registry is feasible and a natural next step.

QPP Measures

Several MNCM developed measures have a CMS QPP (Quality Payment Program) number and can be used locally and nation-wide. Additionally, data elements from the Diabetes (A1C) and Vascular (Ischemic IVD) measures also have a QPP number. Specifically:

  • Q113 Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Q370 Depression Remission at 12 Months*
  • Q371 Depression Utilization of the PHQ-9Tool
  • Q411 Depression Remission at 6 Months*
  • Q398 Optimal Asthma Control*
  • Q001 Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1C* (from ODC measure)
  • Q204 Ischemic IVD (from OVC measure)

*Denotes CMS priority classification “Outcome/High Priority”

Additional QCDR Measures

QCDR’s also have the ability to add additional community measures that may not yet have a QPP number but may also be considered as CMS “credit”. MNCM has asked that the MNCM NQF endorsed measures be included. These are:

  • NQF0729 Optimal Diabetes Care
  • NQF0076 Optimal Vascular Care
  • NQF2643 Lumbar Spine Fusion-Avg. Change in Functional Status Following Procedure
  • NQF2653 Total Knee Replacement-Avg. Change in Functional Status Following Procedure
  • NQF 1885 Depression Response at 12 Months
  • NQF 1884 Depression Response at 6 Months

MNCM is pleased with the progress made so far, and will be providing further detail regarding the registry process and programmatic details. Stay tuned!