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MNCM Cancer Measures Approved for Implementation in the 2020 Report Year

MNCM’s Cancer Care Measure Development Workgroup recently completed pilot testing of four new patient reported outcome (PRO) based Symptom Control During Chemotherapy (SCDC) measures. The Workgroup concluded that the four measures tested are feasible to collect and demonstrate variation and opportunity for improvement. They recommended implementation of the measures for oncology practices in the 2020 report year (2019 dates of service).

The results of the pilot testing and the Workgroup’s measure recommendations were presented to the Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) at their meeting on February 14, 2018. MARC members had a thoughtful discussion and approved the recommendation as presented. The measures were approved by the MNCM Board on February 21, 2018. The measures include:

  1. Symptom Severity Assessment During Chemotherapy (process; PRO tool administration)
  2. Symptom Control During Chemotherapy: Pain (outcome)
  3. Symptom Control During Chemotherapy: Nausea (outcome)
  4. Symptom Control During Chemotherapy: Constipation (outcome)

These measures will support MNCM’s goals to include more specialty and patient reported outcomes (PRO) measures in our slate of measures for public reporting.

All oncology practices in Minnesota and surrounding communities are encouraged to begin implementing this symptom assessment tool in their practices in 2018 but no later than January 1, 2019. An educational webinar will be scheduled in the fall of 2018.

View Measure Development Workgroup Members, Chemotherapy Symptom Control Measure and Field Specifications, PRO-CTCAE tool, and Pilot Results.