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MNCM Cancer (Symptom Control During Chemotherapy) and Orthopedic/Neurosurgery Measures Update

Nurse and Patient

MNCM is temporarily suspending data collection and reporting of the Symptom Control During Chemotherapy (SCDC) measures and spine surgery and total knee replacement measures for 2020.

MNCM is currently in the process of building a new, improved system called PIPE (Process Intelligence Performance Engine) to leverage automation of extraction from EHRs and ease the data submission burden for medical groups. Both the cancer and orthopedic/neurosurgery measures have recently been redesigned in ways that require significant MNCM Data Portal revisions. With the new data submission platform in progress, MNCM has decided to wait and build the redesigned measures in the new system.

Oncology, orthopedic, and neurosurgery practices will not submit data for these measures to MNCM in 2020. However, these are valuable patient-reported outcome measures, and we encourage practices to continue assessing their patients. Several of these measures are included in CMS’s Quality Payment Program in 2020.

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