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MNCM Featured in New Book about Health Care Collaboratives

MN Community Measurement is the subject of a case study in a new book that focuses on the history, current state and future of health care collaborative organizations. All In: Using bspurlock-allin-cover-promo-online-use-3dbookHealthcare Collaboratives to Save Lives and Improve Care features insights from more than 35 authors about how to design, lead, fund and support successful health care learning collaboratives.

All In is a compilation of perspectives and case studies from leading experts in health care collaborative learning. It was launched last week and is being published by Cynosure Health.

The chapter titled “Optimizing Data and Measurement” includes a case study written by Jim Chase, MNCM President, and Dr. Gail Amundson, MNCM founder and former Board of Directors member. It focuses on MNCM’s multi-stakeholder history and how that cross-functional collaboration has resulted in significant gains in the quality of Minnesota’s diabetes care over the past 12 years.

All In is expected to be available for purchase in December.