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MNCM Health Equity Advisory Council Begins Work

Massey & Trajano to lead new MNCM workgroup

A new advisory council comprised of community-based organizations and health care representatives convened their initial meeting on October 10.  The Health Equity Advisory Council (HEAC) is co-chaired by Gaye Massey, Chief Executive Officer at YWCA St. Paul and Dan Trajano, MD, of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. The council is charged with providing advice to the MNCM Board of Directors on health equity measurement and reporting.

“Health equity, like patient safety, is both necessary and urgent,” said advisory council member Julia Joseph-DiCaprio, MD.

At the October meeting, the group reviewed the Health Care Disparities Report, the MNCM Health Equity of Care Report, sociodemographic data currently collected by MNCM such as Race, Ethnicity, Language and Country of Origin as well as opportunities to align with other community-based health disparities efforts.

HEAC members include co-chairs Massey and Trajano, Tesha Alston, Jennifer DuPuis, Renee Frauendienst, Bentley Graves, Jamie Gulley, Lynn Hassan Jones, Andrea Hillerud, Julia Joseph-DiCaprio, Mariam Mohamed, Ekta Prakash, Jonathan M. Rose, Patricia Ruiz de Somocurcio, Michelle Waste, Pahoua Yang and Marie Zimmerman.

Future meetings will include discussions on ideas for new variables associated with disparities.