"The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through." -- Sydney J. Harris Relaunch is One Year Old!

One year ago, MN Community Measurement re-launched our corporate website, with the goal of increasing functionality and providing a better experience for visitors. (MNCM also runs, our consumer-focused, public reporting website.) It’s exciting to look back and see if we’ve met our initial goals.

During the past year, has doubled the number of total visits from 16,400 to 32,375 this year while providing easier access to the most used information, such as data submission guides and statewide reports. We have also utilized a range of new capabilities for videos, webinars, and secure posting of protected content for provider education and data reviews throughout the year. And we launched a new format and online registration for this publication, our Measurement Minute newsletter!

Finally, we launched new social media capabilities, where followers can stay current with the most recent updates from MNCM. To get connected, follow our News feeds and join our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook communities.

A few fun facts from the past year include:

  1. MNCM’s websites have had more than 110,000 visits during the past year.
  2. The record number of visits to occurred on August 15, 2013 when we released statewide patient experience data for the first time. Nearly 9,500 visits occurred on that single day – a jump of over 6,000% from the same day one year earlier!
  3. More than 15% of visits to MNCM’s websites come from a smart phone or tablet.
  4. @MNHealthScores recently reached a Twitter milestone – 500 followers!
  5. Our most re-tweeted @MNHealthScores tweet was “How do they do it? Videos from the front lines of quality improvement on payment, reducing readmissions, & cost
  6. Our Facebook followers seem to appreciate a more personal touch – one of the most popular posts all year featured the baby shower of one of our staff members.

The early successes of our corporate website formed the basis of a new overall online strategy for MNCM, which emphasizes audience engagement, membership development, expanded use of social media, and ensuring business continuity.

And our next major milestone is the redesign of our consumer-focused, public reporting website, MN HealthScores. The new HealthScores site will incorporate evidence-based approaches to consumer engagement and use industry-standard technology to deliver scalable performance reports and resources. We expect the redesigned MN HealthScores to launch later this year.