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MNCM Presents At The 2014 IBH Conference

MNCM Presents At The 2014 IBH Conference

Jasmine Larson, Manager of Health Care Measure Development for MN Community Measurement (MNCM) will present a session on “Lessons Learned from Exemplars on the Operational Practices Aimed to Implement and Sustain Workflows for Depression Care Follow-up and Documentation” at the 2014 Integrated Behavioral Healthcare conference  on April 25, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Centered on the theme of “Building a Framework So You Can Grow”, the 2014 Integrated Behavioral Healthcare conference will feature national and local experts who will describe the present and future of Integrated Behavioral Health. Key topics include:

  • Management strategies during integration
  • Facilitating an active role for patients in their own recovery
  • Engaging the primary care team
  • Making the case for workable payment models for integrated behavioral healthcare
  • Developing meaningful measurements for quality behavioral care
  • Strategies for reaching patients beyond the office

More details on featured speakers, accreditation, and registration can be found in the IBHC agenda or by visiting