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MNCM Releases 2014 Annual Report

MN Community Measurement released our 2014 Annual Report this week. During the past year, MNCM drove change in health care through measurement via new local and national partnerships; alignment of our measures with national programs; the creation of new specialty care and patient reported outcome measures; and the release of our Total Cost of Care measure.

Accomplishments highlighted in this Annual Report include:

  • Significant measure development efforts
  • Transforming health both in Minnesota and across the nation
  • Addressing disparities with the release of our inaugural Health Equity of Care Report
  • Managing cost with the first-of-its-kind, nation-leading Total Cost of Care measure

As we reflect on the past year and the work still to come, we are grateful for the role our community has played in our ability to accelerate the improvement of health and health care in Minnesota and nationally.

Read our 2014 Annual Report.