"The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through." -- Sydney J. Harris

MNCM Releases 2015 Annual Report

As we reflect on MN Community Measurement’s accomplishments in 2015, we are grateful for the many individuals and community partners that play a role in our ability to impact and influence the health of our state. This past year, we celebrated multiple milestones – the 10th anniversary of our incorporation as a non-profit; our first-ever Health Equity of Care Report; the release of new measures; and further forays into specialty care and patient reported outcome measure development.

Highlights of our 2015 Annual Report include:

  • Influencing change through public reporting ,community engagement and  relationships
  • National leadership and partnerships
  • International Involvement
  • Impacting clinical quality, patient experience, cost of care and health equity

View our entire Annual Report.