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MNCM Releases Report on Quality of Care for Chronic Conditions; Preventative Care Report Coming Soon

In December, MNCM released the second in a series of topic reports, “Quality of Care for Chronic Conditions in Minnesota.” This report presents data collected in 2018 on quality measures for chronic disease care, including comparisons by medical group and clinic. While Minnesota has some of the best health indicators in the country, measurement results show a pattern of wide variation in health care quality overall and significantly different outcomes among some patient populations. View the report here.

The third in our new report series focuses on preventive health screening measures and is expected to be released at the end of January.

These reports bring together performance results on both quality and health equity for measures relevant in each category. The series is intended to provide a user-friendly view of measure results to highlight the wealth of data that MNCM collects, engage stakeholder audiences more effectively and catalyze improvement. Watch for the press release soon!