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MNCM-Supported Epilepsy Measure Gains NQF Endorsement

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) recently announced its Counseling for Women of Childbearing Potential with Epilepsy measure earned National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsement. MN Community Measurement partnered with AAN to test this measure, which allowed it to achieve NQF endorsement.

MNCM and AAN began a partnership to pilot this measure during spring 2013. The measure evaluates whether epileptic women of childbearing potential (ages 12-44) were counseled about how their treatment may affect contraception and pregnancy. According to AAN, treatment of seizures with antiepileptic drugs can render oral contraceptives less effective and may interfere with embryonic and fetal development. As a result, patients need to be informed about the risks of epilepsy and antiepileptic drug therapy prior to pregnancy.

The measure had achieved temporary NQF endorsement in 2012; however, to gain full endorsement, NQF required AAN to test the measure to demonstrate its validity and reliability.  MNCM translated the measure specifications for data collection, recruited three large neurology groups to participate, and piloted data collection and reporting over the last year.

Using the final report and data produced by MNCM during this process, AAN brought the measure back to NQF and recently announced that they’d been awarded full endorsement of the measure. Additionally, AAN will use the feedback from the measure testing to improve quality measures for neurology overall, ensuring that they can be easily implemented and provide useful information for neurologists.

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