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MNCM welcomes new manager of health care measurement development

jasmine larsonJasmine Larson joined MNCM in September as Manager, Health Care Measurement Development. She leads the development and implementation of our health care measures with a focus on supporting the community to improve results across the Triple Aim of the health care system: improving health, improving the patient experience and lowering the cost of care. Prior to her role at MNCM, Jasmine worked in quality improvement and regulatory compliance in both orthopedic specialty care and hospital care systems in the metro area. She also has many years of clinical experience as a registered diagnostic medical sonographer. Jasmine enjoys live music, travel and a good book on a Sunday afternoon.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to pair my analytical skills with my passion for improving the quality of care being delivered.  This is an exciting—and challenging—time in health care, and it’s extremely rewarding to be part of a team that is so widely supported by the community,” says Jasmine.

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