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MNHealthScores is Open Enrollment Resource for Employees

Open enrollment is a critical time for employees to select benefits and chose health care networks. The decisions made during open enrollment affect choices about where employees could go for care and their financial costs.

As employees contribute an increasing share of the costs for employer-provided health care benefits, the choices made during open enrollment can have a significant impact on household budgets. The free reports and resources available on makes it easy for employees to plan for the year ahead with information on how to manage costs, compare clinic and hospital quality, and look up patient experience ratings for clinics.

MNHealthScores uses the same data that clinics and health plans in Minnesota report and use themselves. MNHealthScores helps everyone make smart choices about where to go for the exact care they need. Powered by data from more than 1,400 clinics, 535 medical groups and 140 hospitals, MNHealthScores is your employees’ go-to source for health care info in Minnesota and neighboring areas.