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MNHealthScores: Open Enrollment Resource for Your Employees

Open enrollment is a critical time for employees to select benefits and chose health care networks. The decisions made during open enrollment affect choices about where employees go for care throughout the year and their associated costs.

With more employers offering plan options that include deductibles and coinsurance, employees are increasingly seeking out information on the cost and quality of the care they need.

The free reports and resources available on make it easy for employees to plan for the year ahead with information on to compare clinic and hospital quality, find information on the experience of patients like them, and how to make smart decisions about health care costs.  They can see the variation in cost for simple health care needs at a glance; for example, a rapid strep test can cost $19 or $47, and a 15 minute office visit can cost $83 or $130, depending on where they get care.

As your employees select their health plan for the coming year – and particularly if they’re changing to a new plan with a new provider network – encourage them to consult to identify the in-network clinics, medical groups and hospitals that will provide them with the highest-value care.

If you’re interested in providing your employees with more robust information on what’s available on MNHealthScores, please contact us and we can provide materials.