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Nearly $1 Million Awarded for Quality Performance

MNCM has worked hard to get its measures and data used to improve the quality of health and health care.  This includes utilization in pay-for-performance programs, such as Minnesota Bridges to Excellence (MNBTE) and the State of Minnesota’s Quality Incentive Payment System (QIPS).

As a member of the Guiding Coalition for MNBTE, we were proud to participate in the 11th Annual Minnesota Bridges to Excellence and Quality Incentive Payment System Recognition Reception on July 27.  This year, 97 achievement awards and 202 improvement awards were rewarded to clinics across the state for their commitment to improving patient outcomes, improving the quality of patients’ lives, and reducing patient health care costs.

Achievement and improvement are based on patient care in three areas, all measured by MNCM:

  • Optimal Diabetes Care
  • Optimal Vascular Care
  • Depression Remission at Six Months

The total reward payout for the 299 recipients was $997,772. BTE and QIPS funding was provided by some of the largest employers in Minnesota and the State of Minnesota.