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New data submission cycle names

In the past, MN Community Measurement has had two data submission cycles. The winter cycle included Optimal Diabetes Care, Optimal Vascular Care and Depression Care measures. The summer cycle included the Optimal Asthma Care, Colorectal Cancer Screening and Maternity Care: Primary C-section Rate measures. Starting in 2014, a new cycle is being introduced. This cycle will occur annually between April and May. The Total Knee Replacement measure will be in this new data submission cycle. For more information about the measure, please see the specifications available here.  Due to the introduction of a new data submission cycle, MNCM will assign new, standard names when referring to the data submission cycles.  The new data submission cycle names are:

Data Submission Cycle Name Measures included in data submission cycle
Cycle A Optimal Diabetes Care, Optimal Vascular   Care and Depression Care Measures
Cycle B Total Knee Replacement
Cycle C Optimal Asthma Care, Maternity Care and   Colorectal Cancer Screening


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