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New Measure Needs – MNCM Seeking Your Feedback!

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MNCM is seeking community input to help prioritize future measurement needs. Please take a moment to complete this survey to provide input and contribute to the conversation!

In June, MNCM’s Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) and Health Equity Advisory Council held a joint discussion on identifying and prioritizing new measurement needs. The discussion began with a list of suggested measures, measure concepts or populations that MNCM has received over the last two years. Committee members evaluated and discussed the concepts, and subsequently added new ideas to the list. The resulting list of 29 measure concepts was prioritized utilizing a voting/ranking exercise. The next step in this process is to seek broader input from the community including providers, purchasers, payers and patients/consumers. We’d love to hear what you have to say about identifying and prioritizing new measure needs.

The survey will close at the end of the day on August 8.