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Nominations Sought for Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC)

MNCM’s Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) will have openings for six new members beginning in February 2016.

Members are being sought for the following positions:

  • Consumer/Purchaser representatives (three openings)
  • Hospital representative (one opening)
  • Health Care Single Specialty representative (one opening)
  • Purchaser/Government Agency representative (one opening)

New members will replace current members whose terms end in December 2015. In addition to filling the criteria noted above, other information considered for membership includes measurement and quality improvement experience; race and ethnic diversity; and background in nursing or as another member of the care team.

The MARC is a committee of the MNCM Board of Directors with a broad membership of community stakeholders. The committee’s purpose is to recommend measurement priorities and specifications to the Board, as well as guiding principles and/or policies for MNCM’s public reporting of measures. It is supported by measure development workgroups established by MNCM staff at the direction of the MARC. Workgroups are charged with recommending draft measurement specifications and data collection plans.

MNCM is very interested in recruiting new members, so a variety of community stakeholders have an opportunity to serve on this important committee.

This committee meets monthly. Members are required to attend/actively participate in at least 75 percent of meetings. Each member serves a two-year term, and has a three term limit. MARC members may also be asked to serve on a measure development workgroup.

Please email nominations to Anne Snowden, MNCM Director of Performance Measurement and Reporting, at by the close of business on Friday, July 31, 2015. More details and the membership application are available here.

After the nomination period has closed, a committee to review the nominations and appoint new members. Our goal is to appoint new members by September 30, 2015, after which all nominees and those selected as new members will be notified.