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Price Transparency Report Highlights

MN Community Measurement’s was highlighted as a robust resource for quality and cost information on a majority of Minnesota clinics by the Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) and Healthcare Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3).

The call out is included in HCI3’s second annual Report Card on State Price Transparency Laws. Forty-five of 50 states received an ‘F’ in the report, including Minnesota. The report argued that because MNCM’s website is not mandated by law, Minnesota could not be given credit for it in the grading.

The report card is a joint effort between CPR and HCI3 to examine consumers’ access to health care price information across the country.

MNCM is also focused on enhancing the health care cost information available to Minnesotans by working toward publicly reporting medical group’s Total Cost of Care later this year.

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