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PROMs Integration into EHRs is Subject of Journal Article

MNCM’s Collette Pitzen, RN, and Jasmine Larson, MBA, are the co-authors of an article recently published by the Journal of Oncology Practice entitled, “Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Integration Into Electronic Health Records (EHRs).”  The article reinforces the value of systematic use of information from PROMs, and addresses the challenges of using them in routine practice.  Pitzen and Larson discuss examples of patient-reported outcome performance measures and how they have been used for quality improvement in Minnesota, including a set of measures for symptom control during chemotherapy. Among the lessons learned, according to the authors, is that sophisticated EHR builds are not required to begin PROM implementation; most start with administering paper tools to the patient that can be scanned into the EHR and then evolve to discrete fields to store the results. MNCM hopes this article will help pave the way for practices in capturing outcome data and making it more available to compare performance and drive improvement.