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Reducing the Burden of Data Reporting: Introducing PIPE

MNCM is in the process of developing a new suite of software to alleviate the burden of provider quality reporting. The new approach will allow MNCM to implement an automated data extraction method to retrieve encounter data necessary for quality measurement from participating providers. This process can either be completed by an extraction by the clinic group or by utilizing the MNCM extraction technology. Once encounter data is extracted and retrieved, MNCM will then be able to apply measurement specifications centrally to determine the appropriate measure denominator. The new MNCM software suite is called Process Intelligence Performance Engine (PIPE).

More About PIPE

PIPE is a platform for application integration, process automation, data extraction, and clinical measurement analysis. PIPE can integrate applications that weren’t built to be connected and automate processes across such heterogenous systems; cloud/SaaS applications with premise systems, legacy systems with modern web applications, and back office systems. This aspect of the software suite is known as the Process Intelligence (PI). Clinic groups can choose to work with MNCM to utilize the PI to extract the necessary information, or they can manually extract the information from their EHR and other systems.

Once the data has been extracted, the information is moved into the MNCM Performance Engine (PE). The PE will be able to quickly analyze the data and provide real-time denominator and numerator reporting back to the clinic group. Unlike the current process, PIPE can retrieve clinic data monthly and report back to each clinic group on a monthly and quarterly schedule.

The initial pilot will begin the second quarter of 2019. Organizations that transition to PIPE can continue to use the new platform going forward. Organizations that are currently utilizing the existing process will be able to continue to do so. Additional organizations will be onboarded throughout 2019.

Organizations that are interested in reducing their reporting burden can contact Will Muenchow, Director of Technology and Data Integrity, at