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Seeking New Members For Measurement And Reporting Committee (MARC)

MN Community Measurement’s Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) is seeking applications to fill nine positions whose terms expired in December 2019. The committee is seeking members for the following positions:

  • Health Plan representative (two openings)
  • Consumer representative (two openings)
  • Government agency representative (one opening)
  • Provider from a non-metro medical group (one opening)
  • Provider from large metro medical group (one opening)
  • Provider from a specialist group (one opening)
  • Hospital representative (one opening)

Previous members whose terms have expired may reapply, but we encourage new potential members to apply as well.


The Measurement and Reporting Committee is a committee of the MNCM Board of Directors with a broad membership of community stakeholders. The purpose of this committee is to recommend measurement priorities and specifications to the Board of Directors and to recommend guiding principles and/or policies for the public reporting of measures by MNCM. The MARC establishes and oversees measure development activities and workgroup recommendations. MARC members may be asked to serve on a measure development work group.


  • Meeting Frequency: Four meetings per year – March, June, September and December.
  • Attendance/Participation Requirements: Members are required to attend/participate in at least 75% of the meetings. Meetings are in-person; however, call-in information is provided with each meeting for members who are unable to attend in-person.
  • Member Term Length: Committee member terms are two years in length, staggered to ensure continuity. After the initial term, committee members have the option to renew for two additional terms. At the end of the third term, committee members may reapply for appointment.


To apply for one of these positions, please fill out the application through the following link: MARC Member Application by Friday, February 7. Applications will be reviewed by MARC co-chairs and the Chair of the MNCM Board of Directors in February 2020. Applicants will be notified of their decision at that time. If you have any questions, please contact Jess Donovan: or 612-454-4825.