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Sign up Today – Make MNCM your PQRS Partner

MN Community Measurement has been – and continues to be – a trusted PQRS partner, ensuring seamless PQRS submissions for medical groups of a wide variety of sizes. Whether your medical group is returning or new to the process, contact MNCM today to discuss MNCM’s 2016-2017 Medicare Certified PQRS program.

Those who report satisfactorily for the 2016 program year will avoid the 2018 PQRS negative payment adjustment.

The submission period is fast approaching, with December kickoff meetings and January through February submission. Contact MNCM this month to get registered.

The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) is a quality reporting program that encourages individual eligible professionals (EPs) and group practices to report information on the quality of care to Medicare.

Individual EPs and group practices who do not satisfactorily report data on quality measures for covered professional services are subject to a negative payment adjustment under PQRS. Note that program participation during a calendar year will affect payments after two years (i.e. 2016 program participation will affect 2018 payments). So act today.

The PQRS negative payment adjustment applies to all of the individual EP’s or PQRS group practice’s Part B covered professional services under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS).

Accordingly, individual EPs and group practices receiving a negative payment adjustment in 2016 (based on participation in 2014) will be paid 2.0 percent less than the MPFS amount for that service.

For 2017 and 2018 (based on participation in 2015 and 2016 program years), the negative payment adjustment is also 2.0 percent.

To learn more, and for those interested in participating in MNCM’s PQRS reporting program, please contact Tony Weldon at