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The Measurement Minute — January 2014

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Welcome to the January 2014 issue of The Measurement Minute, MN Community Measurement’s monthly summary of current news and events. We welcome your feedback!

2014 Patient Experience Survey Start-Up Guide Available

  • Patient Experience 2014 Survey: Start-Up Summary Guide is now available on the MNCM data portal. Registered users, including survey vendor contacts, can log in to MNCM’s data portal to download this document. Read more >>

MNCM welcomes new board chair

  • This month, four-year board veteran Dr. Penny Wheeler steps up to become the chair of the MNCM Board of Directors.  As a physician, one of the things she observed in practice was “spots of absolutely brilliant care,” and her passion for improvement was spawned by the belief that it could be done more consistently. Read more >>

New data submission cycle names 

  • In the past, MN Community Measurement has had two data submission cycles, winter and summer. Starting in 2014, a new cycle is being introduced, and MNCM will assign new, standard names when referring to the data submission cycles. Read more >>