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Tobacco use is still a problem in Minnesota

Tobacco use is still a problem in Minnesota. That’s why ClearWay MinnesotaSM and MN Community Measurement have partnered to develop a new collection of information and resources to better understand and address tobacco use in Minnesota. Health care teams can use the materials to help more patients quit tobacco.

New MN Community Measurement analyses for ClearWay Minnesota offer fresh insights into the burden of tobacco use for people with certain chronic diseases, including:

  • There are more Minnesota adults with diabetes using tobacco (28,700 people) than there are people in the city of Winona.
  • Approximately 13,000 adult Minnesotans who have ischemic vascular disease are also tobacco users.  That number equals the entire population of Bemidji.

Health care providers are still a key part of the solution. Review the materials at MNCM’s “Spotlight on Tobacco” to get tips and tools on helping patients quit tobacco.

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